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Seeding not working after the file downloaded
Hi Everybody.
As I mention in the subject , after completing download a file the seeding status showing but without really uploading anthing.
Although it was working"uploading" while the file was dowloading status.

For your info , the face symbol beside the file is blue.

So , how can i make it work ?

If you don't have peers showing in the peers column, it can't seed at all cos there's no-one to seed to, (Logical) and if you do have peers showing, it might take some time for your client to contact the tracker and the same for the other peers and there is no guarantee that a connection will be made between you and a peer.
Do you only have the one file loaded in Vuze, or are there other files that are seeding OK? 
Are using torrents or magnet links?
have you selected your peer sources correctly thru "options"

have you visited the Vuze Community Wiki  and used the set-up guide to configure your Vuze client?  If not, you should.  Vuze is the best client and many people will tell you that it is this, that and the other, but such remarks usually come from people who were too lazy to learn how to configure their client and choose to blame the client as being "crap" rather than admit their own inadequacies.  Also, another good reason to stick with and learn how to use Vuze properly is that it has some nifty security features that help with anonymity.  It also uses the "peerGuardian" IP filter mechanism, when it is configured properly.  No other client has that built-in.

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