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Seeding and Reporting?
Greetings...I'm a bit new to the forum and had a general question so bear with me and I'll see if I can explain myself.  I use a Torent site (which will not be mentioned) to download movies.  I recently discovered an email from my ISP telling me NO NO...a studio is looking for me.  So that process stopped...yeah, I know the whole issue with copyright and what everyone's policy is on that but I was looking for a movie for the grandkids...still doesn't make it right...anyway.

I read up on VPN's and settled on VPN Express to use in conjunction with my Vuse downloads...wonderful...BUT...I further discovered that I can drag the file to my playback devices and stream the content to my TV.  Great.  Next day I get another email about content.  I discovered that as I stream content to the blueray player to watch on TV...Vuse is seeding that content.  How can I stop the seeding?  Do I leave the VPN on as I stream or is there a process I can check on Vuse to stop the seeding as I stream?
First of all, welocme to Forum!

Once you download a file and STOP it by right clicking on the file, Vuze has very little to do with the file, except storing it.  I do not think anything you do in Vuze will help with the issue.  However, depending on the device you are using to watch the file (renderer), many are automatically checking with DMCA sources to check for copyright infringement.  If your renderer (TV, DVD player, etc.) is also connected to the Internet or your server (what program are you using to send or stream the file?) checks with DMCA sources when you stream, you are going to have problems. 

VPN's usually do not safeguard your router, unless your router can specifically be programmed with the appropriate data from your VPN, in which case, everything going through your router will be protected.  Otherwise, anything connecting to the Internet, only through your router will show your real IP.  There are many suggestions that could be made on how to avoid this, but not knowing how you are connecting to the Internet with your renderer makes it difficult to address your issue.

As a disclaimer, and as you already know, Vuze does not support copyright infringement.

First and foremost, welcome. :)

Secondly, what you're saying can happen due to multiple reasons.

You keep on seeding but turn off the VPN. That leads to seeding without your Express VPN.

You download the file and don't turn off the seeding but the VPN is also activated. in this case, it could be because of an IP leak.

In either case it has nothing to do with Vuze. This was the case with me a few years ago but my instance was on BT and ivacy vpn instead of vuze and express. But, in the case of turning it off, your VPN has nothing to do with it (it can't help if it's off) either and you will just have to leave it turned on, even as you're seeding.

Also, if this is the case, you can just stop seeding, or go to its location, move the file elsewhere and delete the torrent file from vuze's interface so it can't be seeded anymore. Once the file is 100% downloaded, vuze's role has already ended and all it's doing is storing it and seeding it.

In the case of IP leak, you can either try other VPNs or you can just stop the torrents for a while before you risk anything further. Also,
I use expressvpn.

Always keep the client on, you know it's working b/c the icon (the red circle w/ EV) has a green check mark.

NEVER TURN OFF, once you do that, your back to your ip address.

stop all torrents, make sure everything has stopped

Check our bind settings and set that to the ip address that expressvpn is using.

- tools options connection - advanced network settings
-- in the middle with be every "interface" that are available
-- look for TAP-Windows Adapter V9 - it will have a way different ip address
-- type that into the field "Bind to local IP address or interface"
-- remember it will be an ip that is NOT or 192.168.x.y.z
-- scroll to bottom of screen and click save
-- on your main interface at the bottom you'll see a green (looks to me like) a t pipe, if it's green all is working, if its red, your NOT using the right Network interface.

Back in the ExpressVPN client, options turn ON kill switch - this is a safety mechanism that will shut off your internet if ExpressVPN disconnects. It will kill ALL INTERNET TRAFFIC. which is what it is supposed to do!

now go find a legal torrent (like a linux distro or something) and test it. start the torrent. Now go to your express vpn and disconnect. If all is good, then your torrent will stop downloading and your traffic will be dead - your t pipe for Bind will turn from green to red (as it should do!). Start ExpressVPN and all should start back up again and the t pipe for Bind will turn red to green.

Remember NEVER TEST on real torrents, use a 100% legit legal torrent to test your settings.

Keep expressVPN on at all times, if you turn it off for whatever reason, your not using their tunnel. I've been with them for a year and have no problems.

Also remember speed issues will be dependent on THE SERVER you chose (us, canada, or other foreign servers). So don't get hung up on your speed issues b/c it could be ExpressVPN, but they have a cool little test speed to indicate which server is the "fastest" to your general location.

Also fun to do is if you are using a foreign server, then in your swarm discoveries, you should see your US flag change to that of the foreign country you are using. Just fun to do every so often. :)

I keep ExpressVPN on 24/7, lost connection once and the client did as expected, all net activity was killed (kill switch) and bind went from green to red (stopping me from sharing over my open ip address). I did a reboot, just to be safe, had to re-start my cable router and then started all back up. making sure to log into ExpressVPN first, wait for the connected status, then start Vuze.

Nothing is 100% guarantee, so keep safe, be smart and test, test, test before using your torrents vice anything else!!!

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