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Seeding Problems
For starters, my Port is open and I am able to connect to it from a port testing site. Also, my NAT is showing "NAT OK". I do occasionally get a brief spike in upload speed but it tends to stay under 2k which is probably just incidental and not actual uploads.

I am trying to seed as many of my downloads as possible but I am running into a couple of problems:

1) Quite a few show "Peers:Seed OK" in the Seeding Rank but hey do not automatically go into Seeding mode. I have my setting for Uploads so that they all meet the criteria. If I do a Force Seeding then they all show up as Blue.

2) I have 275 torents that should be able to seed an they all show a Swarm Speed of zero. One of them has 15 seeds and 10 peers so I would expect that I would get some upload to this torrent. There are 23 of my seeds that have a Seed To Peer ratio of under 10. Three of them are under 2.

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