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Search Template Problems
Hi All,

I have been having trouble with my search templates recently. A bunch of them are no longer working. I know sites change their addresses sometimes so I went to update that to the correct one (copy and paste) but they still do not work. I have put the setting below for one of the templates. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Template Name :KickAss
URL to search:
Preview Search Term: 1080
Regular expression: </a>\s*<a title="Download torrent file" href="([^"]*)" class="idownload icon16"><span></span></a>\s*</div>\s*<div class="torrentname">\s*<a href="([^"]*)" class=".*?"></a>\s*<a href=".*?" class="normalgrey font12px plain bold">(.*?)(.*?)(.*?)\s*</a>.*?<span id=".*?"><strong><a href=".*?">.*?</a></strong></span>\s*</span>\s*</div>\s*</td>\s*<td class="nobr center">(.*?)</span></td>\s*<td class="center">.*?</td>\s*<td class="center">(.*?)</td>\s*<td class=".*?">(.*?)</td>\s*<td class=".*?">(.*?)</td>\s*</tr>

Time Zone of site: UTC-11

And what is expected result? Do you want link to .torrent file or something else?
What I'm looking to have happen is when I use this template to search for torrents it will populate the search feature with torrents from that site. Pretty much I'm looking to get the template to work again.
Thank you

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