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Screwed up systems
Please tell me that SOMEONE has figured out how to undo all the damage the screwed up installation does to a system!?!?!

I, like an idiot, missed a checkbox, decline button, something and new Vuze has *TRASHED* my browser world!

I have lost settings and configurations setting me back, probably as much as a day considering the depth of the things going on here.

Please! Someone, please point me towards a thread with rectification discussions. And blast Vuze for this sort of screwup.

Even Comcast isn't this stupid. (They try though.)
You haven't specified what OS you are using.   If your using Windows (that's all I know) the first thing you should try is using system restore to restore your system files to an earlier time (prior to Vuze install)

If you don't have any restore points b4 the VUZE install, take that as lesson and ALWAYS create a restore point before you install any application or make more than 1 system adjustment (we can usually remember 1 adjustment, but often forget if we make 2 or more in succession).

Yes, be vigilant for those free offers ticked by default!

With so many "free" apps these days including "partner" offers during the install process, we probably shouldn't be too upset if WE stuff up as you did (we've all done that).
The days of the totally free-lunch are gone I'm afraid.

If re-store doesn't help, you are faced with the task of manually changing those settings that have been modified during the install process.  Apart from uninstalling those "free" offers, and resetting your browser/home-page settings, nothing really grievous should have happened to your pc.

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