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Save .torrent files behavior
Java 1.8.0_25
Oracle Corporation
SWT v4508, win32
Windows 7 v6.1, amd64
V5.6.2.0/4 az3

Options - Files - Torrents: Save .torrent files checked

Options - Files: When opening a torrent, show options dialog: every time

Adding already downloaded .torrent file from File - Open - Torrent file... (or simply opening .torrent file by double clicking) or using a Magnet link opens Options dialog.

If Cancel is pressed in that Options dialog.torrent file is still saved into directory selected under Options - Files - Torrents: Save .torrent files

In my opinion it's a bug or at least odd behavior, because if Cancel is pressed .torrent file shouldn't be saved

uTorrentDelugeqBittorrent doesn't save .torrent file if Cancel is pressed.

Thank you.
This bug / odd behavior is still present in Vuze v5.7.0.0

Vuze saves a .torrent file even if Cancel is pressed when adding a torrent.

Let's say, one opens a .torrent file or a Magnet link just to see the torrent contents, tracker info etc. and then presses Cancel in the torrent add options dialog - .torrent file will be saved in desired directory, which is supposed to store only .torrent files of those torrents that were actually added into Vuze client, but not Cancelled upon adding.

People use this option: Options - Files - Torrents: Save .torrent files in order to accumulate and store a database of .torrent files of the contents that they actually created, downloaded and that they are willing to seed in the future. 

There is completely no need to save and store .torrent files for those torrents that were Cancelled upon adding into Vuze and that were NEVER actually added into Vuze client for checking, pausing, downloading, uploading etc.

Thank you.

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