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SWT Cant Auto Update therefore Move Library
I have been irritated that this error keep coming up, and I cannot find any simple instructions as to fix this - do I need to move something from usr/share/java to my folder? How will this mean that Vuze knows where to look? Surely Vuze wants me to be updated and so would make it easy somehow to do - just a few simple steps and I will be able to follow them I am sure :)

SWT library loaded from "/usr/share/java" can't be automatically updated from version 3836 to 4608 (must be loaded from "/home/xxxx/.azureus"). Please see <A HREF="">the wiki</A> for details.
I am not sure.  Could this be a permissions problem?  Check the permissions on each directory of the paths in question and see if anything pops out at you!
I have the same issue.

This is a problem related to the launch script (/usr/bin/azureus or /usr/bin/vuze), that provides to Vuze an "install dir" variable pointing to /home/$user/.azureus instead of the jar file directory, which is /usr/share/java (you probably used a Vuze installer from a repo).

Using the official launch script will not help, as it doesn't care about Azureus2.jar and swt.jar being located at /usr/share/java.

Check your launch script and in the last lines force it to run java with -Dazureus.install.path="/usr/share/java" option instead.

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