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Runtime Error
Sometimes my Vuze Leap crashes in the middle of a download. The error message is something like "Runtime Error.....".
I dont have the exact error message, as I did not copy it last time it appeared. It comes from time to time. 
Not on startup. Sometimes it comes 5 minutes after starting a download sometimes it takes longer before the error messages appears.
Some downloads are error free and I can download the entire file without any crashes.

I DID read the "Known issues" in the wiki - where there is also stated something about a "Runtime error" but as far as I understand that error descripition is different from what my problem is and the described problem is after updating Vuze.

What can I do to avoid this crashing down of Vuze Leap and how can I avoid the error message?
I'll just say it here. I am on the verge of uninstalling vuze leap because of the many problems. It crashes randomly with a runtime error since forever now that doesn't get adressed at all

And (I think it's because of the last update, or maybe a windows update) but the program is very unresponsive since last week. Almost unusable to be honest.

That with the fact that there are just no responses from devs for these issues is just annoying. I love the program but it just doesn't work properly, wich I don't get, since basic Vuze works without any problems...

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