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Running multiple instances
Two people use my computer, and by default it's not possible to run two instances of Vuze at the same time.  If the second person downloads a .torrent, nothing appears to happen but then the first person sees the torrent pop up in their list and there's nothing they can do about it, even though they are logged in as different users and shouldn't have access to interfere with each others' sessions.

It's possible to edit the configuration file (!) to allow a second instance to be launched, however I believe this breaks the ability of Vuze to send .torrent files from a browser to the user's own running instance.

I am therefore wondering if there's a way to set in a config file which port Vuze listens on when it checks for a running instance.  This way I could leave user1 listening/checking on port 6880, but change user2 to listen/check on port 6879.  This way both users could run their instances independently, and because the setting is in a configuration file each user can still open .torrent files or magnet links from a browser and have it come up in their own copy of Vuze.

Is it possible to change this instance-checking port, and if so, how?


There is a Java command line argument that can be passed to change the port

-Dazureus.instance.port=<port number>

which defaults to 6880

This can be passed as an argument to Azureus.exe via -J-Dazureus.instance.port=1234


(I'll update that page to include this option)

However, this won't be preserved over a restart of Vuze so isn't ideal - better to use the 'vmoptions' file approach.
Actually, just checked the code, and the instance port should be preserved across restarts when supplied as a command line parameter.
That's great, thanks for the quick answer!!  It works perfectly.

It doesn't actually save the setting across restarts, but by modifying the startup script and remembering to run that instead it does the job.

Thanks again!


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