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Restoring from archive
With the new tag options I am pulling torrents out of archive and doing some rearranging and cleanup, but I noticed the "Restored" tag is only being applied after all of the other tags. This is a problem because I have several tags which include the condition && ! hasTag( "Restored" ) but torrents are coming out of the archive having those tags applied and then being (wrongly) moved, modified, deleted etc. as the tag specifies and then the "Restored" tag is being added. Thankfully all of the ones that did get deleted, I probably would have eventually manually removed the restored tag and allowed to be deleted, but I do not remember this happening before, and this behaviour reduces the utility of the restored tag to almost zero if it cannot be trusted to work as a condition in other tags.
Hmm, good point - I'll add some stuff for the next beta that will ensure that all of the tags are applied before processing of the constraints occurs.

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