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Restore is failing = From Win-8.1 to Win10
HOW TO FIX THIS?????????????????????????????????
Reading from Y:\VUZE-Backup\2016-04-14
Analysing backup
Current user directory:    G:\Users\Bmuzammil\AppData\Roaming\Azureus
Backup's user directory:    C:\Users\BMUZAMMIL\AppData\Roaming\Azureus
Directories are different, backup requires patching
Creating restore action for '.certs'
Creating restore action for '.keystore'
Creating restore action for 'active'
Creating restore action for 'azureus.config'
    Applied 1 patches
Creating restore action for 'azureus.config.bad'
    Ignored failure to patch bad configuration file
Creating restore action for 'azureus.config.bad1'
Restore Failed: BDecoder: unknown command '0, remainder =
Delete the .bad/.bad1 files in the backup and then try again
Just encase if someone else is also having this problem / In windows I created a copy of backup on desktop and searched .bad and deleted all the .bad files from the backup folder and

Restore was Successful.


Thanks to parg - Vuze Staff Member.
My Vuze keeps shutting down as soon as I open it on Macbook, what would cause this?

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