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Restarting a stopped download

downloading a film
I usually use pause to stop a download  if I'm having to disconnet. This time I double click the file itself, another line appeared, as I'd never seen this before I was going through each section, I found a drop down menu saying stop/start etc. this is new, so I pressed 'stop' it as now stopped the download like it has finished down loanding, it's about 40%. I cannot restart it.  Is there away to restart or continue  with the download?

If' I go back to the site I'm down load from and start another download saving in the same fill name etc will it start from new or start from whee it stopped?

Sometime its a slow connection, this film these not many seeding its taken me about 6 hours so far for 40%. 

follow the link I mentioned what should not be done.
+ if you pause the download it would stop as you want. and resume works perfectly fine. just keep it alone. I mean dont try to download on your own. Let the software do it for you. and since it is in beta stage it takes time.! Dont worry works good reaches top internet speed.


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