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Raspberry Pi last version 4.4
I have a Raspberry Pi 2 and want to run Vuze on it.
Now i have tried the normal way by entering the following code in the console:
apt-get install vuze
Then I get an (outdated) version of Vuze: 4.4 or so. (current 5.5.0)

When I try to download, the torrent opens in vuze. When it is downloading, the download- and the uploadspeed stays 0 B/s.
When I try the speedtest, it gives also 0 B/s. When I test the port, it'll give OK!
I first thought it was my internet connection, but I can see the current seeders and leechers, so I have an internet connection.
But I don't have a connection with any seeders or leechers...

Can someone please help me?


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