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RSSFeed Scanner season pack episode detection and smart history
I have been happily using RSSFeed Scanner for years. Recently I updated to 1.4.14 and started noticing some weird behavior with double episodes downloading.
I saw that there has been some work recently on match filters so I then updated manually to v1.4.17. I’m not sure if this is new behavior or I just started noticing it.

I have smart history enabled.

Is it possible to make RSSFeed scanner filter out season packs? or at least detect the season correctly and treat them as episode 0 so that smart history can avoid erroneous episode detection?

as of verison 1.4.17 something like "GenericShowName S07 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H.264-ABC" will be detected as TVShow "GenericShowName S07" and Episode "10x80"

This is when using a regex filter such as ^genericshowname.*(720p|1080).*

Obviously 1080p refers to the quality, not the season and episode number. Also S07 is the season and should not be part of the TVShow title.
I’m not sure what would happen with 720p, but that could come up as well.

Is there any way to avoid this behavior?

Java 1.8.0_45
 Oracle Corporation
SWT v4508, win32
Windows 7 v6.1, x86
V5.6.0.0/4 az2
RSSFeed Version 1.4.17

I use a simple method to filter out complete seasons from my TV filters. I set the "Max file" to "5 GB".

The reason it matches 1080p as 10x80 is because unfortunatly, there are files out there that use a very loose naming convention like 101, 102, 103 for s01e01-03.
I suppose it couldn't hurt to remove strings like 720p & 1080p from the name before attempting to match season/episode.
Hmm ok that's a decent workaround. Thanks for the suggestion.

After looking into it a bit I decided to also add to my expressions a catch to make sure it has S##E## since most of my feeds are standardized with the episode naming. at least for the shows that are getting season packs.

For anyone curious this is what I use now (as well as the size limit)


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