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RSS Feed Scanner: cannot add feeds/filters [RESOLVED]
The +/- buttons have disappeared in the options tab, making it impossible to add any feeds or filters.

When I first installed RSS Feed Scanner, the buttons were not visible. Later, they did appear for a short time, long enough for me to try out the functionality. However, they disappeared again before I was able to do anything meaningful (such as create real feeds and filters).

I have tried everything I can thing of to restore these buttons, including uninstalling/re-installing the plugin and updating from Vuze 5.7.0 to 5.7.4, all to no avail. Any help at all greatly appreciated.

It turns out that the Feeds/Filters panel is too large for the size of the window allotted to it, nearly twice as large in fact. This is not obvious, as the horizontal slider bar does not come into view until the mouse cursor is on top if it.

I was trying everything possible to resize the Feed/Filters panel, and quite by accident, discovered the horizontal slider.

Rather than delete this post, I am instead posting an edit with the solution to the problem, in case anyone else encounters the same behaviour in the future.


Java 1.8.0_111 (64 bit)  (openjdk)
SWT v4608, gtk/3.16.7
Linux v4.1.36-44-default, amd64
V5.7.4.0/4 az3

RSS Feed Scanner 1.5.2

Desktop: KDE4/Plasma5

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