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RSS Feed Scanner Filters Gone / Disappeared
Since last update 5.6 all my RSSFeed Scanner filters are gone, along with the history, feeds are still there.  I had close to 60 filters for TV and movies.  I have a backup of Vuze, but its 3 months old and it does restore the filters, but it messes everything else up.  Is there a way I can just setore the data for RSSFeed Scanner?  Does anyone know the folder that holds the RSSFeed data.  Can I just copy and past old data to the new folder?  Or is there a fix for the latest update to restore my data?
I don't use the plugin but I believe that history etc is serialised to a file named


which is stored in the plugin directory

There might be a backup file named rssfeed.options.bak

You could try restoring this.

If it fails to load does it generate any error message?
Close Vuze.

Navigate to this folder.     


Replace rss.options file with backed up rss.options file

Start Vuze

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