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Question about UI
Was wondering if there is any way to change vuze ui to look like deluge/utorrent in the aspect of on the main screen there beeing 2 independent boxes, 1 has the downloads or whatever files and below it are the details of the files and the details pop up if a torrent is selected. Dont like to have to switch screens every time I want to know information about a torrent that i'm currently downloading, any help would be greatly appriciated!
Isn't the 'Vuze UI' (as opposed to the 'Classic UI') what you want here?

Tools->Options->Interface->Start: display UI chooser
No I'm wanting the window that deluge/utorrent has where if i select/highlight a torrent another box below shows the details of the torrent, how it is now you have to right click the torrent and select "Show Details". I tried both the vuze and classic version and couldn't see anything similar to what I'm talking about. This feature not apart of Vuze or if so maybe I could enable it? any plugins/etc to make it like this?
But in the 'Vuze UI' there are tabs at the bottom of the view that show torrent details...
Hmm i possibly figured it out.. not sure though maybe you didn't have that feature in previous versions? im using because that is all that my private torrent tracker allows from you guys because latest version supposedly has poor announces. Any way to implement that feature in previous versions? because default it is not there...

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