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Question about Tags folder options
When you select a Tag
Click on "files"
You have 3 options:
  1. Initial Save
  2. Move on  Complete
  3. Copy on complete
Each of these have an Option to "Apply to current"

When you select this option "ALL" files are moved to the folder, if specified.  (I'v only tested "initial Save" and "Copy  Move on completion").

Shouldn't "Initial Save -> Apply to current", only move the incomplete files and "Move on Complete -> Apply to current" only move the completed files?
I was thinking this is for cases where you mistagged, or forgot to tag items and wanted an easy way to quickly reorganize.  Or is this working as intended?
That's how it is supposed to work (after all, if the original semantics were retained then the 'initial save' location wouldn't support an 'apply to current'.)

That being said, I can see how it might not make sense for the 'move on complete' - I'll change that so it only applies to complete downloads.
Okay, so "inital save -> apply to current" should move both complete and incomplete torrents?

"Move on complete -> apply to current" would apply to complete torrents only (after changes).
Hey Parg, not sure if I was clear, the issues is that "Apply to current" will move completed downloads to the initial save folder (even if its in the proper complete folder) . Shouldn't it ignore completed files too?
OK, I'll change the 'apply to current' for 'initial save folder' to ignore completed files that have been moved due to 'move on complete'? That seem reasonable? (but it would move completed files that haven't been subject to a 'move on complete')
That would be perfect.  Thanks!

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