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Problems with Freezing and crashing

I need help figuring out why my Azureus freezes and crashes all the time because it is driving me mad.
It started in January this year and I cant keep Azureus running for more than 1-10 minutes before it either crashes or first freezes and then crashes.
I have not added any new programmes or so that i can remember that can interfere. What I have done is that I have updated drivers and such though but nothing that i can connect to this problem.
Cant remember when i updated to latest build but since it came out 2016-11-21 it could have a connection, but most likely not, I didnt use my computer from Dec 23 - Jan 8 and I cant recall when I updated. I dont always update stright away but most likely I did during that the period mentioned above (nov-dec ~1 month) so I should have noticed a problem back then, and I did not.
I have tried updated Java to try to resolve the problem but without success.
I have also tried to disable the internal browser with a config file in the custom folder with the text "browser.internal.disable=bool:true". Also without success.

Ive tried google for crashes and freezes but the internal browser thing is the only thing ive actually found so far.

Most of the time it crashes and I have no problem restarting it stright away, but sometimes I need to close azureus.exe through the Task manager. Not sure if that info helps, most likely not but Ill try to give you all I got.

When Azureus crashes and i reboot it, I notice a rollback if im downloading a torrent.

Using the following setup. Windows 7, Asus Z170I Pro Gaming mITX, Intel Core i5-6600K, 16GB 3000MHz

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I have now also tried unchecking the box in Plugins called azpromo since it said on vuze wiki that this could help. It didnt...
Ive also tried giving Azureus.exe only 1 core to work with. Did not help either.
Also, forgot to mention, flash is up to date and IE as well.

EDIT 2: Think latest patch had a fix in it. Ive only had 1 crash since last patch and im not sure if its related to the problems I had before the patch.

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