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Problems with DENY/ALLOW incoming network connections
Hi All

i hope somebody can help with this one, pia hasnt been useful ..

Here's the problem in a nutshell

when i DENY incoming connections on startup, i'm limited to the amounts of peers, seeds etc etc, but some files are very limited and i need the extra seeds, it runs fine, no crash
but much of the time i cant get the files i want ...

when i ACCEPT incoming connections of course i can share for a certain amount of time, anywhere from 2-45 minutes i would say, then all downloads/uploads stop
so its a problem because i have to keep shutting down vuze, then i shut down pia, reconnect pia, and reconnect vuze to get things moving again

my vpn pia port is the same as that i have specified in vuze listen port 
i have decreased my upload max to 100kb/s , and my upload is maxed out at 1.14mb/s but .. i havent limited that
is it a problem with global connections? is there more than this imac can handle? i'm lost here

hardware is imac 2011 osx 10.7.5 , 20gb ram , i'm running it off the original 1tb hd, soon to be installing 500gb ssd when my cable comes in the mail
the harddrive is fine, doesnt seem to show any dying sectors

I am not familiar with individual VPN's but I know some network providers have rules as to how you can use the VPN.  Like some might not let you use the VPN to access public torrent sites or something like that.  I know there are a bunch of seedbox providers that have clauses like that in their service agreements.  I do not know if some VPN providers do that or not.  But if you are using public sites that could be the problem.

Your iMac is considerably newer than mine (mine is a late 2009 2.8 Ghz  i7 with 12 GB of RAM) and I am running about 2,700 active torrents so I seriously doubt it has anything to do with your iMac.

You should still be able to download fine even if your port forwarding is non-existent (it will just take longer to start up) so the fact that your port forwarding might not be working is not the problem.

You could try eliminating your VPN for a few hours and see if the behavior goes away.  If the odd behavior goes away you can be pretty certain that the problem is with your VPN provider and/or VPN setup.

I suspect the problem is with your VPN but honestly that is just a gut feeling.  I might be completely wrong.

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