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Problem with Vuze Installation on Windows 10 64bits
At the upgrade of Vuze an error it happened, without error message!
-Vuze stopped at the end of the uncompress process.
-Some browser windows are oppened, don`t sopped to open!!!
-Killing the Vuze process this keeps happening.
-My solution was uninstall Vuze....

2nd Round.

-I try a clear install
- Vuze installer stopped again at the same window and at the same final work of uncompress...
- I leave Vuze work at the night (all night)
- At the morning... A very large number of browser windows were open...!
- A error message from the browser (windows): Chrome is not responding...
- But after I kill all the browser windows and Vuze install, Vuze work without starting any browser window...

The prolem appeared after install the new Vuze version.


Windows 10 64bits
Default Browser: Chrome
Antivirus: Avast

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