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Problem after changing motherboard
OK, guys and girls, here is one for you:  Freakin' HP's motherboard failed on my computer.  They offered to replace it and sent a technician.  He in turn knew nothing, not even how to get into the Config ID section of the bios.  He could not put my key identifier in as it was, thus my computer is not recognized by anyone.  Since that time, I have been unable to do mets searches or download subscriptions  I get the nice, sorry we cannot donload this page. Try again,  After 20 times over 2 hours of trying, I figure something the tech did or did not do is the problem.

Other than putting the right info into my bios. Does anyone have an idea as to what needs to be, perhaps, restored from my Vuze config backup?  The tech also wiped out my backups for the last two weeks, so I would have to restore from a backup he left intact from over 2 weeks ago.  I could restore the whole thing, but I have made a lot of changes in the last 2 weeks.  I would prefer to use surgical percision in restoring only the folders or files necessary.

Any thoughts?
Magical Vuze!  I deleted subscriptions.config and as I prepared to replace it with a backed up copy, Vuze rebuilt it on its own and the rebuilt file fixed all the problems.  Thanls Parg and others for a program that continues to amaze me!

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