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Port Forwarding problem with PIA VPN- from Vuze Update?
Unfortunately, your issue is completely different. I'm not sure if I can help any. If the "Verify Public Addresses" on the helper plugin shows PIA's VPN address, then you should be safe knowing you are using the VPN.

I have noticed this message occasionally when PIA's site ( ) is extremely slow to load. The check will time out, and the plugin goes to "BAD" because it can't tell if the connection is working. You can always load yourself in a browser and see if it's taking forever. If it is just a time-out issue, you could also try switching to a different PIA server that has better ping times.

(03-22-2017, 03:52 PM)ghlawrence2000 Wrote: Hi ArronM,

I have updated to VPN Helper V5.2, unfortunately, it has not helped :(

[22:48:58] ✔ Vuze UDP is currently bound to / aka eth6 (TAP-Windows Adapter V9)
[22:49:01] ⌘ Can't reach PIA's site using / aka eth6 (TAP-Windows Adapter V9)
[22:49:01] subnet: 30; Score: 1
[22:49:01] ⌘ Can't reach PIA's site using / aka eth6 (TAP-Windows Adapter V9)
[22:49:01] Non-Vuze probably routing through / aka eth6 (TAP-Windows Adapter V9).
[22:49:01] ✖ Can't determine VPN's local IP
[22:49:01] ⌘ Keeping existing binding of eth6

I am not using AirVPN, I am using PIA. Hope this helps.

Many thanks.

(03-11-2017, 03:02 PM)'Eskyman' Wrote: ***SUCCESS!!!*** That did it, ArronM! 

That sure seemed like something I've already tried, but why not give it another shot- so I deleted the path as you suggested, saved, and then clicked on Check Now; and as I hopelessly expected, nothing happened. Oh well... but then why not restart Vuze, to see if that made any difference?

I restarted; VPN Helper still gave the familiar error, and when I looked at Config I found that my login & pass were now blank as well. 

So then I used the Browse button to find the PIA Manager in Program Files, & put my PIA login & password back in (for the 4,357th time, it seemed) and saved. Back to the VPN Helper window, and without much hope clicked on the "Check Now" button....

Lo and Behold! This time it worked! It said "Port Returned from RPC is 41771." The VPN Helper for PIA status is now OK! The port that PIA indicates is the same port that Vuze indicates! Every line has the checkmark that says it's OK! Whoo-hoo!
So your advice was spot-on, and all I can add to it is "restart Vuze after saving." 

Now I can really say, "Hooray!" and thank you ArronM!!! 

Y'know- before this error happened, I had: slower, more expensive internet service; a missing Path Variable that I didn't even know about; and a very useful Vuze Forum that I also didn't know about. So now I feel on top of the world, and I've gained a lot of knowledge too!

Thanks again, and I think this thread can now be marked, "Case Closed- Successfully!" 

(And as The Terminator famously said, "I'll be back"- to this Forum again!)


I joined this forum just so that I could say thanks!... To Eskyman (The OP) & ArronM!
I'm Obsessive Compulsive about solving problems on my PC when it comes to "errors" etc.
This was driving me insane and after countless other Failed attempts..... Finally SUCCESS!
It took me a couple restarts for some reason, but Thanks Again to you Both!

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