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Pairing failure
I have had this remote set up for my computer for around a month now and I have been successfully using my phone as a remote until today. Now I can't connect to Vuze outside my local network and I'm getting the error stating that when I open remote pairing in Vuze. I don't know much about ports and firewalls and such as I've never needed to, so any help would be nice. I am decently capable with computers, so hopefully I can follow the advice and any suggestions well enough.

This happened before after about one month, but on my other harddrive last year. I only recently replaced that harddrive with the current one, but I was able to do it again. Maybe it has to do with my computer? I don't see what would have changed to cause it because I only used my computer over the last couple of days once, and that was for my daughter to watch a kids show because her DVD player stopped working.

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