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Good day. I have posted this in the open forum but it's been over a week and no one seems to know the answer. Since this is a bug if there is no solution, I have decided to post it here.
(posted the link here, but this forum was giving me a 404 Not Found error)
( Vuze pre-allocated 70Gb of disk space even though I just downloaded one out of many files in the torrent. I could not see how to later download the unchecked files. So I had to delete the torrent and start over. Yet the 70Gb is still allocated even though the files were not downloaded and the torrent has been deleted. How do I free up that disk space, where is the placeholder file I can delete? Please help

Vuze doesn't hide placeholder files in any location other than where the torrent is downloaded to...
Look through the Options/Files page.  There are options like "Enable incremental file creation" that may help you. Part of what you want is probably to use "Add Suffix to incomplete files", this will allow you after the torrent is downloaded and you have deleted the torrent, but not the files, to remove files you did not download, as they will have the suffix specified. Easy to clean up. Also there is "Move files not selected for download to sub-folder", self explanitory.
As to not knowing how to start/continue files that were not originally downloaded. ie you download a sample file in the torrent, but not the main file. To first take a look. To continue, you can right-click and choose Show Details, then the files tab. Or bring up the Files Tab at the bottom of the main window. OR just expand the entry. Once you do, right click the file and Set Priority for the file. Change from Do Not Download or Delete to Normal or High. It will resume downloading that file. This also works for multiple files, so if you want several more files in the torrent, select the ones you want, then change thier priority.


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