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PIA VPN - Can't connect for port forwarding
Help - I can't get Vuze to do port forwarding with my PIA VPN!

I've installed PIA (Private Internet Access) as my VPN to use with Vuze Plus and bound Vuze to the PIA port. I have PIA connecting to the internet through a region that allows port forwarding.

However, when I run the VPN Helper for PIA I get the following error message after being told that Vuze is bound to the PIA internet connection: Invalid RPC result: ("error": "unauthorized, please check username and password") Port stored in PIA Manager Config is 56825 (Port 56825 is the port that is set for

When I check my PIA configuration I find that my PIA userid is p1111111 (actual digits not given for security reasons!). When I spoke to PIA their technician suggested that I might change the p in the userid to x - is this correct?

More problematic is that the password Vuze has for PIA is only three characters (i.e. ***) when my PIA actual password runs to ten characters. I've changed the password Vuze has entered for my PIA password to my actual ten character password. Unfortunately, after I've saved my changes I find that the PIA password has reverted to only three characters. Is there any way I can see what password Vuze is entering into the PIA Configuration Box? How I can I force it to take my actual ten character PIA password?

When I check my internet connection I get the following two error messages:

Testing TCP port 56825 inbound
    Test failed: NAT test failed: Connection timed out (
    Check your port forwarding for TCP 56825


 No incoming connections received, likely NAT problems
 Incoming routing destroyed for 0717E54F7071747E6B0D5EC6E8AF2D2BFE5B0BB5

So, if anyone has any suggestions of how I can get port forwarding working with PIA I would be extremely grateful.

My thanks for your suggestions in advance
You can just blank out the username and password fields in the PIA section of Vuze's config.  It looks like you are using PIA Manager, and it picks up the port value stored there (56825 in your post)

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