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Only 5 Simultaneous Downloads
New to Vuze, I just switched from uTorrent. Out of 100 or so torrents, only 5 download at the same time. It was only downloading 2 at the same time until I changed the setting "Queue -> Max simultaneous downloads [0: unlimited]" to 0. I can't find any setting that would cause any limits, nevermind capped at 5. 

When I first installed Vuze, there was a popup asking to use a utility to automatically adjust the settings for max performance, which I approved, so I'm not sure what settings it may have changed. At first I thought it might be faster if 5 torrents downloaded fully before moving on to others and that is why Vuze did that, but it's become obvious that it's not as fast as when uTorrent downloads all at the same time.

The only other settings I've changed from default are the "Connection -> Advanced Network Settings -> Bind to local IP address or interface" and enabled the "Enforce IP bindings even when interfaces are not available, prevents any connections if none of the specified interfaces are available" so that Vuze won't torrent without my VPN being active (which is the reason I switched from uTorrent).

I also enabled the "Files -> Truncate existing files that are too large" setting after my downloads showed an "Error: Data Missing" and searched for a solution. 

Any ideas why it would cap at 5 simultaneous downloads? 


You found the setting that should control the max active - are the ones that aren't downloading in a 'queued' state or are they 'downloading' but at 0 bytes/sec? 

If you have an explicit download limit set (check the status bar, bottom right, any limit is shown in [] followed by the actual rate) then Vuze will prioritize download bandwidth based on your download list order which can result in lower priority torrents not making progress, however you'd need to be hitting that download limit for that to occur.
They are all "Downloading" but only 5 of them have a green smiley and actually have downloading speed. I noticed that the ones not downloading say "Error: access denied, torrents limit reached" which makes me think that maybe it has something to do with where I found the torrent. It's weird because I had the exact same torrents in uTorrent and it didn't limit how many were downloading simultaneously.

[Image: Screen_Shot_2015_03_23_at_12_24_35_PM.png]

[Image: Screen_Shot_2015_03_23_at_12_24_57_PM.png]
Right, sounds like a tracker issue with running too many concurrent downloads, not a Vuze limit. If uTorrent is somehow ignoring a private tracker's limits then that would appear to be something the tracker admins wouldn't appreciate.

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