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On resume, some paused forced torrents become stopped
Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anybody else is experiencing an issue I am experiencing when resuming paused torrents that were in a forced download/seeding state. I am running Vuze on macOS 10.12.3 using the classic view, but I believe it already happened on previous versions.

If all my downloads and seeds are in a forced state, and then I sort torrents by order, and finally I pause (all) and resume (all) I experience two different unexpected behaviours. In the download section all but the first download become stopped instead of entering the forced downloading state. In the seeding section every other download (odd ones to be precise) become stopped instead of forced seeding (sometimes there are individual torrents or groups that don't exhibit this behaviour, but it often happens as described).

Might it be an issue only I am experiencing (perhaps some problem with my profile), or can somebody else reproduce it?

Yes, I have noticed this too. It seems to be much worse with 5.7.4.x

All of my private trackers have scrape disabled. This causes the Vuze queue and auto-start system to not work. So I have to force start all of my completed private torrents in order to get them to seed. I have the 'pause on shutdown' and 'resume on startup' options checked…


Ok, I turned off those two options, and it looks like when I closed down Vuze and reloaded it all of my seeding torrents (forgot to look at the downloads) are in the same state they were in before the shutdown.
Hmm, sorry, just saw this post... As to the initial issue, I can see this happening too - I'll investigate
fixed in next beta, thanks!
Does this mean I can turn back on the 'pause on shutdown' option in beta 25?
might as well try!
(02-23-2017, 10:20 AM)parg Wrote: fixed in next beta, thanks!

For now I am running the release version so I cannot confirm the fix, but the thanks go to you for looking into the issue and finding a solution.

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