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Nothing Downloads?
Ok so Im pretty new to torrenting and just downloaded Vuze leap, I'm trying to download a Photoshop torrent with 1093 seeders and 227 leechers but when I download it through vuze it says 0 seedes 0 leachers 0 peers and nothing downloads. Whats the problem how can I fix it?
Are you getting  the torrent from a public site or a private site?

If you are getting the torrent from a public site . . . have you manually disabled DHT, and peer exchange?  If so you will likely be unable to connect to any seeds.

It is possible your ISP is blocking you:

first check here and locate your ISP.

then read this for suggestions on how to avoid your ISP's efforts (if necessary)

The words here and this are links ;-)

Are you getting your Internet for "free" from the provider of your Dorm/apartment/flat/whatever?  If so it is very possible that your landlord is blocking you from torrenting even though the ISP does allow torrenting.

Run a glasnost test to see if you are getting traffic shaped (unless you have already confirmed that you are getting traffic shaped)

Get back to us with answers to those questions and we can move forward from there!

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