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Not playing
See previous reply about switching to VLC
(03-16-2016, 06:18 PM)'parg' Wrote: Not sure what the issue is - it isn't affecting all users so must be something specific to the users experiencing the issue.

You can always use VLC (for example) to play the files back -

and then right-click on the file to play and select Content->Media Player->Copy Stream URI to clipboard

and paste this into VLC's open media dialog

Hi there, I'm having the same issue.  So it seems to me that more people are having this problem.  I used to be able to play right on my computer but now, since the new update, I am not able to.  I do feel like opening files through another format defeats the whole reason of using Vuze.  I pay for this service and am not getting out of it what I used to.  Please help.
Can you please 

1) join the beta program ( and update to Vuze 5711_B10
2) wait for the 'HD Video Player' plugin to update to version 4.0.1
3) Follow the instructions to switch to use VLC for playback -

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