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Norwegian (nb) translation
norwegian translation:  escaped special characters to fix encoding problem

Attached Files
.patch   norwegian_translation___escaped_special_characters_to_fix_encoding_problem.patch (Size: 193.04 KB / Downloads: 5)

Can you upload the entire updated file rather than a patch? I'm having issues applying the patch...

Turns out I didnt have the latest source code downloaded. Im giving it another try. This time based on trunk revision 43253.

Attached Files
.patch   encoding_fix_based_on_rev_432531.patch (Size: 195.41 KB / Downloads: 0)
.zip (Size: 43.03 KB / Downloads: 1)
Cleaned up Removed *.keybinding and unused properties + corrected a few property key/names

Attached Files
.patch   Cleaned_up_MessagesBundle_no_NO_properties.patch (Size: 9.38 KB / Downloads: 1)
Substituted Vuze/Azureus with {} + touched up some norwegian

I tried the same substitution for some other languages, but ran into a casing issue for utf8 encoded representation.
For the remaining MessageBundle files my IDEA automatically switched the casing to uppercase representation of any utf8 value eg:

Main.parameter.maxSpeed=Velocitat m\u00e0xima de c\u00e0rrega en bytes/seg being marked as changed text and turns into:
Main.parameter.maxSpeed=Velocitat m\u00E0xima de c\u00E0rrega en bytes/seg
It's the same text only with a slightly different representation!

I don't know where the lower case representation of utf escaped vales originates from, but it diverges from IntelliJ's default behaviour.
What idea is commonly used on this project?

Attached Files
.patch   product_name_substitution.patch (Size: 98.36 KB / Downloads: 1)
Thanks! Eclipse is generally the IDE of choice for Vuze developers. 

The Java class may well use lower case in Unicode escapes?
Yes, both literals encoded with lower case and upper case are equalent in this context.
Reading the documentation for it mentions the JDK tool 'native2ascii'. Running this on my jdk it produces lowercase as well.
It seems like lower case ist he common representation and that IntelliJ defaults to uppercase.

I found an answer to this issue at

Im attaching the rest of the files for the substitution.

Attached Files
.patch   product_name_substitution2.patch (Size: 68.73 KB / Downloads: 1)
Who would have thought that there would be a config option for it!

More so, who would have thought it to become a diff issue! :)
I've decided to let the UTF literals be converted to lowercase to fit the project setup. This diff will be a bit longer than usual!

I've added som missing texts for the norwegian translation - this time im adding some of the most basic functionality.
Also inlined property {archivedlsview.view.heading} and cleaned the property IrcClient.defaultChannel


Attached Files
.patch   translated_some_basic_properties.patch (Size: 207.72 KB / Downloads: 2)
Thanks! I left the IrcClient.defaultChannel values as they were because that channel name is used literally when joining IRC and we want all users to end up on '#AzureusUsers'
(03-12-2017, 04:37 PM)'parg' Wrote: Thanks! I left the IrcClient.defaultChannel values as they were because that channel name is used literally when joining IRC and we want all users to end up on '#AzureusUsers'

That sounds about right, but the danish translation reads "number of Vuze Users" wich must be mixed up somehow..
I still believe it's right to change it - or delete that line entirely :)
I ran a spell check and reworded some of the norwegian text to make it fit with latest and greatest MessageBundle!

Attached Files
.patch   norwegian___spellchecking_and_improved_wording.patch (Size: 84 KB / Downloads: 1)
Here's the norwegian translation used by the none ui mode!

Attached Files
.patch   norwegian_translation_for_none_UI_mode.patch (Size: 13.72 KB / Downloads: 3)

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