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Norton's complaining
Help,  the Vuze update usually just says Update available and off it goes does it with out any problems, but, this last update is causing some problems, for some months now. 

Norton says [   vuzeplus_5.5.0.0_win64.exe   ]  has a threat and can not be trusted and has been removed the threat is [  WS.Reputation.1  ]  so I have not been able to upgrade it to ? new version ?
-------------- Start cut ---------------

Filename: vuzeplus_5.5.0.0_win64.exe
Threat name: WS.Reputation.1
Full Path: c:\users\<user_name_removed>\appdata\roaming\azureus\tmp\azu1432972515338385578.tmp\vuzeplus_5.5.0.0_win64.exe____________________________ Details
Unknown Community Usage,  Unknown Age,  Risk Medium  Origin
Downloaded from
 Unknown  Activity
Actions performed: Actions performed: 1 ____________________________ On computers as of 
Not Available
Last Used 
1/02/2015 at 3:03:36 PM
Startup Item 
It is unknown how many users in the Norton Community have used this file.Unknown
This file release is currently not known.Medium
This file risk is medium.Threat type: Insight Network Threat. There are many indications that this file is untrustworthy and therefore not safe ____________________________ Source: External Media ____________________________File ActionsFile: c:\users\<user_name_removed>\appdata\roaming\azureus\tmp\azu1432972515338385578.tmp\ vuzeplus_5.5.0.0_win64.exe Removed
File Thumbprint - SHA:
File Thumbprint - MD5:
Not available

------------ ------

IOS =      Windows 8.1
Antivirus =   Norton Internet Sercurity v
Current Vuze = from the About prompt.
Java 1.6.0_43
 Sun Microsystems Inc.
SWT v4233, win32
Windows 8 v6.2, amd64
V5.4.0.0/4 az3

basically I can not go any further with Vuze until this is resolved.



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