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Non-clickable links?
Hi, I just opened Vuze for the first time on my new Mac. It opened and updated just fine, but the links for torrent sites aren't opening from the web broswer. I've tried all the links and none works. Help?
There are two main reasons an external application such as Vuze may be launched when following a link from a web browser:
  1. Due to a file association, usually a .torrent file in the case of BitTorrent
  2. Due to a protocol association, usually a magnet: link in the case of BitTorrent
The way a file or a protocol association between a web browser and an application is handled on macOS can be browser-specific and can sometimes be messy to setup (in particular protocol associations on current macOS versions), so it would be best to know both what type of links you are having problems with (.torrent files, magnet: links, etc.) and what browser you are having trouble with, as well as the macOS and Vuze versions. Nevertheless, before getting all messy I believe that the current Vuze version ( can properly setup both types of associations, so I would try that out first. If I am not mistaken, the way to do it is as follows:
  1. Launch Vuze
  2. Access the Preferences
  3. Select the Interface section
  4. Choose to Reset file associations
If that doesn't work, sharing an example of what you are trying to achieve and what is going wrong might be of help to further assist you (e.g. I visit web page X_1 with web browser X_2, and when I do X_3 on the X_4 link, instead of X_5 what happens is X_6).


PS If you choose to go for a specific example, make sure to choose a legal torrent so as not to break forum rules.

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