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No programs or movies showing up when i do a search
i am hoping someone can help me please.  i downloaded vuze as i got a new laptop and clicked on the search bar and typed in what i was looking to download but the programs/movies are not showing up at all and anything that comes up is not what i was looking for and is really old post.
i hope i've explained my problem correctly and i hope someone can help. ive never had a problem with vuze until now.

Thank you.
Vuze makes use of templates as search engines to obtain such results, said that, it should now be clarified that Vuze comes with only a few templates and these are from websites that offer only legalized content, nothing pirate, if your intent in that search was To find some pirated content, you will not be able to with the built-in Vuze templates, what you can do is go to Google and type something like "Vuze Templates" and look for templates that have the ".vuze" extension and install them and hopefully They are still working (since Vuze only supports built-in templates, not for those created by third parties). If you have more interest on the subject, I recommend you read:

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