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Newly-created torrents do not get 100% in "Force Re-check"
I have been using Vuze to prepare torrent files for upload and discover that some work (upload completes, peers become seeds) and some hang on forever on 99.x% complete.

I never occurred to me to try "Force Re-Check" on newly-created torrents, because I assumed that a newly-created torrent is "perfect" and could not re-check as anything other than 100%. However, I got a tip that torrents that survive "Force Re-Check" (100%) will upload okay and those that don't will not. I checked this and found it to be so (create new torrent, force re-check immediately without any other operations in between, no file-moving), and, in fact, new torrents usually get less than 100% on "Force Re-check".

In addition, I have folders of files where newly-created torrents for each individual file re-check 100% but a torrent of the folder does not, and reports some of the previously checked-out files as less than 100%. Can anyone explain this?

And I don't understand how a newly-created torrent should get less than 100% on a "Force Re-Check". Can anyone explain this, and, more importantly, how to stop it?


[Java 1.8.0_45 Oracle Corporation SWT v4233, win32 Windows 7 v6.1, x86 V5.5.0.0/4 az3]

One possible cause of a torrent failing to recheck correctly is that something has modified the contents of one of the files you are including in the torrent (e.g. an ID3 tag gets updated in a .mp3 file)

Next time it happens go to the Files View and work out which part(s) of which file(s) are causing the recheck to fail (make sure the torrent is running and look at the piece map). This might help work out what's going on

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