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New to Proxy, Need Help
I have setup my BTguard proxy up through your application, and I notice that the SOCKS color is green when I'm not downloading anything, but when i start downloading it is yellow? What does this mean exactly and how do I fix it? Also, while I am downloading if for some reason there is not a connection to my proxy will the torrent download anyway? Thank you for your time and assistance!

Update: After reading a lot of FAQ's and such I've found that the reason behind the yellow socks status is because I'm an Xfinity (Comcast) customer and they have some sort of security features and such that cause it to be that is there a way that anyone knows of to bypass this, and if not, is downloading all of my torrents via yellow status still protecting my IP address by way of my proxy btguard? I'm currently using a MacOS X Sierra, the firewall is turned off on the computer, and I don't have any extra equipment installed, Just purchased yesterday so no anti-virus hindering the connection either.

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