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New red smiley error?
The latest update finally got through to my system (previously I'd been getting a "Not Connected" message when it should have popped up even though I was already downloading), and now the torrent I was halfway through downloading has just... stopped. I've searched online for troubleshooting advice and none of it has done anything - my internet connection is fine, I've tested a smaller torrent and it worked fine so it's not an issue with my ISP, I've reset the options, I've run MalwareBytes and am clean, I've closed Vuze and reopened it (only to now get a "Verification of 'Core Azureus Version' failed: Signature missing from file" popup), and the problem's still there. It's almost certainly not just that there are no peers online just because of how many there were only yesterday, the torrent file hasn't been taken down, and it's not letting me overinstall, so is the only option left to uninstall and reinstall? If I do that, is there a way to resume the torrent where I left off, or will I have to work out which files are complete and restart whatever's left?
Is it possible that the tracker you are using isn't allowing Vuze 5.4 ? Check the status shown against it in the 'Sources' tab
Tracker seems to show "OK". If I uninstall and reinstall Vuze 5.3, will the torrent be able to resume where it is?

EDIT: Although now I keep getting a "Please wait while the speed test component is installed" message when I open Vuze, except it doesn't install and just hangs there.
CCan someone answer this last comment? I've had a similar message and vuze is not running and just hangs. I'vee uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. HELP!

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