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New iMac
I've been using Vuse for years on my MacBook pro for years.  Always download the same sort of sporting event to watch.  We just bought a IMac and had vuse installed but I cant download the sporting event.  When I enter the event name in the search box the most recent listing I get is over a year old.  My Macbook pro still will find all of the current listings and still works fine, I'm just wondering why I can't get the same performace with the new Imac??  I did a basic install.

New version is 5.6 on IMAC
Older version is 5.0

Any tips are greatly appreciated.
Check out
Awesome!  It was a bit hard to find the proper spot to right click, but eventually I found it.  Worked like a charm!

Thanks. NExt beer is on me.

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