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New activation code does not work
Hello Everyone:

I have been a customer of Vuze for three years. I renewed my subscription on October 17, 2015. When I enter my activation code from my receipt it comes up stating "your activation code has been cancelled." The renewal funds definitely cleared my account on that day. If I try to contact support with my activation code it states "Sorry, that is an invalid Activation Code. Please verify and try again." My receipt states activation code is good until October 2016.

Any suggestion on how to contact support or fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Renee
Please follow the instructions here - you don't need to enter an activation code to raise a support request
Thank you for the response; this may be a dee de dee question but here is where on the site?
Hmm, where did that URL end up!

Follow the links towards the bottom of each page and you end up with a form you can request help from
This page stills requires a activation code for support help, my activation code is not working on their support page either. Argh.
No it doesn't, you need to follow the links...

  • If you cannot remember which email address you used, please go here.
I can't even activate my plus code.
Please help me.
I go to help and there is no vuze plus activation.
what's going on here.
plus the links in the email receipt that you sent me don't work either

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