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New To Vuze
Just a word of thanks for the programme.  I am new to Vuze but not new to Transmission, Bittorrent or Utorrent.  They are all good but I changed to Vuze because it is the only free client which provides IP binding to my VPN.  Needless to say, I really like and appreciate that aspect but I also like the search function for torrents.  That was an unexpected bonus and has proved useful for finding elusive torrents through other means.  I am still finding my way around Vuze but, thus far, it is an excellent client.
I've been using Vuze for a couple of weeks now and I'm finding some very great things about this client. I've used it before, dumped it, used another client but decided to give it another try.

One of the main problems I was experiencing was resolved and I am extremely pleased.

Take the time to learn all you can, this client can be very fantastic and very frustrating at the same time. If you start tinkering around the options keep notes on the changes you made b/c over time you may forget something that comes up later in the week to surprise you! :) If found this out several times.

It's also taken me about a week and a half to get the settings to the way I like my torrent client to act. I rely heavily on Tags, and the ability to have the tag set it's own download and move to folder is BRILLIANT for what I like. I am very OCD about tags and it's great to see that what I'm throwing at Vuze is working out fantastic.

The ability to rename torrents, files and folders is extremely easy and very important to my file structure OCD that I just can't get over, but again Vuze makes it easy and without flaws.

RSS feeds is another fave of mine and the standard plugin works great out of the box for what I use. Took some time to get the hang of it and get it sorted but now my RSS comes in, I rename the file/torrent (again OCD about this) and then assign it to a tag and when it downloads, it's placed into the correct folder, automatically and my PLEX see's it and adds it issue.

I also have a DROBO setup and Vuze sees the drive letter and recognizes it without issue. I've had used/tried to use clients that just wouldn't see the DROBO in the windows explorer settings. Very Frustrating, but again, Vuze well worth it.

So remember, patients, persistence and read/google your questions and don't get into pissing matches about which client is "better" the one that is better is the one you enjoy using, ignore the rest.


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