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Nat problem with upload
Hi everyone,
I'm using Vuze from time to time since a few years.  Recently I've taken the habit of seeding at each end of the month the rest of my internet package.
But I always have 2 or 3 yellow smileys, 1 green in a week and the rest are blue one.  So I need 6 days of 24h/24h to seed  40 Gb.
A pity.

I've changed the ports, stop the firewall, port forwarded in the router, read many thread about it but I'm stuck with a NAT probem on my TCP listening port (when testing with vuze tool).  Dowloading works perfectly.  If anyone with much experience could help me I would be very pleased...
I've set a fix IP, disable UpnP, and tried much more.  I've seen the seeding going up to 240 ko/s for a few seconds but it stays mostly around the 6 ko/s.

Take a look at your downloads to see how many leechers there are compared to seeds - you need leechers in order to be able to seed so the higher the seed/leecher ratio the less you will seed. NAT problems are only an issue for seeding to other peers that also have a NAT problem (i.e. they can't connect to you and you can't connect to them), so it will reduce your ability to seed a bit but not that significantly.
Hi Parg, thanks for helping.  This afternoon I've disable the Fix IP adress for an automatic... and it did work for a while :  When leaving I had a 320 o/s upload for more than 1/2 hour... something I hadn't seen for a year
When I came back was it's worst than ever, not a single upload. 
And still NAT problem with my TCP Port. 
I've made a Printscreen, don't know if it can learn you something about the seed/leecher ratio (Source / Client in French).

In the meantime the same film gave me again a good upload connection.

Would the lack of connections only come from this ratio ?

And for my NAT problem have you any idea of what I could try ?
Thanks, Damien
There's not a lot more I can add I'm afraid :( If you have 100s of sources and, say, < 10 clients, then it can be hard to seed. Also the numbers of clients reported by a tracker can be inaccurate, so when it says '10 clients' it may well be the case that there are less. You can open the 'All Peers' view (Tools menu) if you want to see the connections that Vuze is attempting to make to other clients and for which downloads - probably not useful but at least you can see that activity is occurring.

Regarding fixing your NAT issue, it can be complex... (especially if you're using a VPN/impossible if you're using a SOCKS proxy)
All right, at least It won't bother me too much if I'm not seeding well... it's just that I'haven't got the right things to share.
The "All Peers" page is the one I put in attachment ?

For the NAT issue, I only have a modem, a router and a hub. Neither VPN or Proxy and I'have made a port exception in the firewall.  Anyway a great thanks for you time Parg ! Maybe I'll ask the IT gay working sometimes on my computers... but it will cost me a pack just for a hobby thing !
Good luck :)

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