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NAT problems/Cell booster
I've rarely had problems downloading torrents. Now I'm getting yellow smiley faces all the time. It seems to have started recently. In addition to the items below, I also have a Sprint Airave 2.5 between the modem and the router, and I live out in BFE so my connection isn't usually all that great. When I want to download, I usually turn off all other programs.
  • What is your Operating System?
  • OS X Yosemite 10.10.1
  • What is your Java Version?
  • Java 8 Update 25
  • What is the exact make/model/revision is your router? (if you use one)
  • Belkin N Wireless Router a44b42
  • Does the router employ UPnP and MAC binding?
  • Yes
  • What is the exact make/model/revision of your broadband modem?
  • Comtrend CT-5374
  • What software firewall(s) do you use?
  • Firewall is currently off
  • What anti-virus program do you use?
  • Not using one currently.
  • Which (if any) of the above steps have you already attempted and with what level of success?
  • Most of them, some I didn't understand whether or not they applied to my Mac.

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