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My max torrent download speed is 1.83 mb. how can i go faster?
[Image: JVT4UKA.png]
[Image: TipVGxR.png]

my fios speed
[Image: 3687633971.png]

You say your max speed is 1.83 mb  .  . . that is not a speed.  That is a size.  Generally speeds are listed in Mbit/sec or MByte/sec.  Mbit/sec is generally abbreviated Mb/s or Mbs and MByte/sec is generally abbreviated MB/s or MBs.  I know this sounds pedantic but it is an important designation.  If you are downloading at 1.83 MByte/sec you are pretty much at your reported maximum upload speed.  1 MByte = 8 Mbit so 1.83 MByte/sec is 14.64 Mbit/sec which is more or less your exact maximum speed shown in your speed test report.

Now if you really do mean 1.83 Mbit/sec . . . that might indicate a problem . . . but you have not given us a lot to go on.

How many different torrents have you tried to download?

How many differnt torrent sites have you tried to use?

If you have only tried one or two torrents  . . . it could just be that the speeds of those peers (the other users you are downloading from) have slow connections and that is as fast as they can upload to you.  Which would indicate no problem.

The same thing goes for the torrent site.  If you are downloading from some public site and you are downloading some torrent that has been around for months or years . . . it is very likely that you will not hit your maximum download speed.

Again the bottom line is that we need some more accurate information to try to answer your question/concern definitively.

Finally, your settings look fine.  I do suspect it is some other problem which is causing your inability to download at or near your maximum speed.  But without more information it is hard to be certain.  Give us some more to go on and someone will be able to give you a more specific answer.


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