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Multiple Import Directories

I havent found a way to do this and would love to be able if possible.
Some programs i use do no support addings torrents to vuze though the remote feature. So i have to basically use the black hole method.

No can in Vuze i define mutiple import paths? Seems to be able to define one.
Also is there a way to automaticlally apply a category to the torrent based on the path it was imported from?

I see there is a plugin that lets me define download paths depending on the category but thats all it does. 

Anyone have any ideas or setups they want to share?
No one has any suggestions? I kinda like vuze since it seems to give me the best download speeds. Been tryng a few others and qbittorent has also the binding to adapter ability i am looking for. 
If there is a way for me to do the above that would be great...
As you say, Vuze supports a single import folder, there is no built in way to have more than one currently. It would be fairly straight forward to add a means of automatically tagging imported torrents though.

Why do you need multiple locations? What are you trying to achieve?
I'll add the ability to have multiple import folders and auto-tagging based on folder to the next beta. if you want to configure things so that the downloads get saved in different locations then you can then achieve this by setting the 'initial save folder' on the tags.

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