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Moving Vuze Download Folder to New Hard Drive?
I upgraded to an SSD and suddely I can't make Vuze save to the file location I chose for it.  It keeps giving me the error: pause_on_error=true' Configuration error. This is not a directory:

When the folder I point it to IS the place I want it to go to. What's up? I posted here because it's a "file moving" kind opf problem and I hope I'm not thred jacking.
Quote:ekstasee wrote:

All that is required is to create your own folder system for Vuze downloads in that new drive and then use the context menu feature in Vuze to move your data files.  Vuze will take care of all the tracking of data-file and torrent association.
So, here's how it's done simply. You can move one or as many as you wish to a particular location. Each new location, be it a different folder, partition or HDD is a separate move.  Select your torrent(s) and on those highlited torrents, right-click to invoke the context-menu.  Go to "Content", click "move data files" and a browsing window will appear so you can select the destination to send the chosen data file(s) to.  If you are just changing folders on the same partition, it is almost instantaneous, as the data is not moved, just the directory (folder) structure is modified.  If  you select a different partition or HDD, the data will be moved and the time that takes will depend on the size and number of files. 

It's  a very useful feature. I run almost 2500 torrents and use that feature on a daily basis.

ekstasee, you totally rock!  I wanted to move my entire set of torrent folders to another drive, nest them in a folder on that other drive, and change the name of one of the folders (from "torrents" to "completed").  I'd already copied all the data over and renamed the one folder, but even though I'd changed Vuze's settings to point to the new locations, all the existing torrents were indicating their data was missing.  I have way too many to follow the advice to do them one at a time, and given how simple your solution is I can't imagine why anyone would do that for even 10 torrents.

Since I'd already copied all the data over, I didn't use "Move Data Files" (and, actually, I don't see a "Content" or "Move Data Files" option in the contextual menu), but based on your suggestion what I did was select all of the torrents -- click in the relevant pane and do a command-a (this is a Mac) -- then control-click on the selected torrents (that's the Mac's equivalent of right-click), and select "Change Download Folder" (at least I believe that's the exact text; interestingly it only shows that menu item when the current data cannot be found, so now that it has realigned its expectations, that item is not in the contextual menu any longer), then select the new folder on the new hard drive.  In a second or two Vuze whips through the full lot of them updating their file locations and boom, it is seeding again.  (And downloading in that section.)  Pretty much effortless, if you've already copied the files over, and works like a charm.

Anyway, thank you hugely, ekstasee, for the pointer to the contextual menu.  Totally solved the problem for me.  And anyone who happens to read this first, ekstasee's post, on the first page, has other useful tidbits I've elided here, to focus on just the file/folder moving, and it's worth a read.
Hello Gary and everybody,

My old iMac crashed and I have to reinstall everything but I have only copy of complete folders of old iMac not a Time Machine backups. Since I want to resume my sharing credits from the place I download how should I reinstall Vuze without loosing my library contents and resume my share etc. 

My first try with old files was no success. Changing folders and files after a new installation also didn't work. 
What should I do?

Thanks in advance.

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