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Media Server plugin?

I'm looking to see if there is a feature or plugin for Vuze that will allow me to move content from my computer (where of course Vuze resides) to a hard drive that is connected directly into a Samsung Smart Tv.  Now I didn't list this in the Devices forum as I'm looking to see if Vuze has that feature.  I've seen in other forums that I can download and use PS3 Media Server, but if Vuze can do the trick then I would prefer to use that feature.

If someone can point me in the right direction (perhaps this is covered in another post, or in the user guide documentation)?  Keep in mind I'm not looking to stream, I'm looking to move a file directly over on the external Hard drive that is only connected to the Samsung Smart TV.

Thanks in advance for your time!
Plug you're hard drive into the computer copy the files, then reattatch to TV, unless its a NAS drive and on you're network this is the only way, vuze has no way of communicating to a device not connected to a network, it (the drive) cannot connect to you're network through the TV's USB port.
Renno69 that is the obvious answer that I guess I could have included in my question as a scenario I wish to avoid since my hard drive is behind some shelving, but I do appreciate the attempt.

I'm looking to know if Vuze has the capability to move a file over my Wifi and drop it on the hard drive. Again PS3 Media server is an example software that can do this, but I prefer to have one program (Vuze) control all my media files and where I move them.

Oh and yes - my Smart TV can be seen by Vuze and vice versa in the device playback area of Vuze, but I don't wish to use that feature as it's not dropping the file on the hard drive.

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