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Massive fall off in DL speed after Yosemite Install

I use Vuze on several computers in our house.  One of them is an iMac.  I use torrents for some regular weekly video series that are published, so I am used to seeing the exact same file size from the same seeders every week, and very consistent download speeds.

I have very fast internet at my house, and typically my torrent DL speeds on all three computers hovered around the 15-20mbps mark.  The other two computers still DL with Vuze fast, and for all other internet activity other than Vuze, the iMac still has a very fast connection.

I was actually in the middle of pulling in a file on Vuze when I installed Yosemite.  It was running at around 15mbps, and when the machine started back up after updating to Yosemite, it dropped off to 2mbps.  Now, I've never seen anything on the iMac since that day break the 2.5mbps mark.  As I said, regular internet browsing and other network applications are still just as fast, it is only Vuze that crawls along suddenly.

I've tried blanking the preferences file, double checking the DL settings in preferences, changing DNS servers, using manually configured IP addresses, manual port assignments....nothing works.  Vuze just will not go fast on Yosemite.  I am running the latest version of Vuze.  I have a 1 TB solid state drive plugged in, in addition to the original 1 TB 7200 rpm drive that is in the comptuer.  Neither are even half full so write speed and virtual memory are not an issue.

Also I ran some big file transfers on other apps to make sure my ISP wasn't throttling me for some reason.

Any ideas?  I can't think of anything else to check.  This machine is a Mid-2010 iMac w/8 GB of Ram, and a 3.6ghz i5.  Thanks in advance.

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