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Many seeders, low down speed
Hello Vuze users,

I am new to using Vuze having switched over from uTorrent and do not know if there are any specific differences in the programs as well as being very well established in the torrent field. Anywho, currently I am downloading multiple torrents (not at the same time) with lots of seeders ranging from 100-300 with hardly any leechers at all but still getting low download speeds if not, extreme fluctuations and sometimes having it completely die out.  However, I think there is a problem with my upload speed? In the GENERAL tab of the torrent it displays that I have uploaded 0 b and is uploading at 0b/s. Another thing I do not get is that for other torrents that had relatively lower seeders, I was downloading at speeds of 1-3 mb/s but with these new torrents barely ranging from 200-500 kb/s. I do believe that the data has not been spoofed to attract more searches as the site is based on people who dedicate their time to power seeding for every other torrent user. If there is any advice to be given or things that are a must know please do let me know.

Thanks in advanced!


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