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Malware in new update?
(07-14-2016, 09:39 PM)'cems' Wrote: Vuze is now a malware installer.  Don't use Vuze.  Even if you are clever enough to tell it not to install spigot malware one should not trust any company that does this to is't users.


Did a reinstall clean here, and there's been no change, all changes can be negated following the steps indicated above. Which installer do you use? I install the full installer(larger, with more than 10 mb), Vuze has a small installer (small, less than 1 mb) that accesses to the web to download the complete and install, that I never used.
Once got the same malware issue too. I did not want to give up using Vuze so I tried a lot of ways for fixing the problem.
Finally I use the solution I found online and everything works normally. (for reference only)

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