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MKV files only?
Has Vuze changed its configuration to search for/display only .mkv and/or .avi files now?  For the last three or four days when I do a search these are the only files that are displaying in the results.  I have been unable to play videos out of Vuze for months now so .mp4 files are the only option I have to download (I have a Mac, FYI) so I can play them directly from my downloads folder.  Can anyone please help me with this?  Thank you.
Please try the suggestion here

to switch to using VLC for playback within Vuze
PARG - your post was not helpful and did not answer the question, she was not asking how to play them but how to download something else. I too am only finding MKV files - what is going on? I do not want MKV files. It was not like this a few days ago! Why am I only offered MKV files all of a sudden?? I will have to switch to a different torrent site if this does not stop or you tell me how to search for my MP4 files.
I too can only (mostly) find MKV files. What has happened to VUZE? Why can't I find my mp4 files I have always find in the past????
I agree, I was mainly trying to find out why .mp4 files aren't coming up as results as frequently as they used to.  Did something change?
It's not a matter of what Vuze is looking for. It's a matter of what the content providers are creating. Since about April 10th, files that were available as mp4s are now mainly mkvs.

Yes, it's a bit of a pain, but unfortunately it's not something we as users can control.
More info can be found here...
has anyone found out why we are only able to download movie trailers and not the full movies anymore.  please help.  I am awaiting a reply thanks.

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